Born in Sand Diego, CA in 1985, Jay Meyer's musical endeavors began when his father returned home from work with a $10 piano bought at a garage sale. His first guitar was a gift from an uncle, the package arriving unannounced with no explanation. One guitar led to another, with a number of musical infatuations along the way. Meyer has released two full-length works: a self-titled 2010 release, and his latest, titled Grey, in 2017, with the Starvation Mountain EP, recorded in the spring of 2014 and released in the summer of the following year. Meyer plans to release a small compilation of newly recorded work later this year.

Meyer's latest release, 'Grey,' is best described as spacious, flirting with ambience, that plays like the soundtrack to a drive on an empty road through the desert. The lyrical content ranges from contemplative to soothing, with hooks and melodies laden with the sepia tones of Casio keyboards and electric pianos. In the realm of musical influence, the music of Jay Meyer falls squarely between the mellow side of Beck and the moody brooding of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, wrapped in the coat of experimental folk running through a tape machine.


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Jay Meyer